Frequently Asked Questions


HOMEMARS are Defi tokens that will support entrepreneurs with the partnership reward and community holder will gain reflection without doing anything.

What fees does HOMEMARS token charge?
The total tax is 10% per transaction. It is split into:

4% Reflection 
2% Liquidity

1% Burn
3% Marketing wallet

What is a marketing wallet?

The marketing wallet is a wallet, where the funds taxed by marketing tax will arrive. They will be used to push the marketing of the project and manually buy back HOMEMARS Token from the market.

How to buy HOMEMARS token?

  1. Transfer Matic from the exchanger to your wallet (suggested Metamask)(Polygon network)

  2. Open in your browser and connect to your wallet.

  3. Change the slippage to 15%

  4. Swap from MATIC to HARS with the required amount and please don’t swap the max amount of MATIC left some amount for the GAS FEE.

  5. Add HARS token to your wallet asset with importing token using HOMEMARS contract address.


Contract Address :

NAME: Home Mars


CONTRACT ADDRESS: 0x0028E52Ce2e28E3c9ADdCc3726f5Ca2463a999CF

Decimal : 9