HOMEMARS will be use in transaction between user and service provider at the same time The whole holder will gain profits from the reflection from the transaction of the token in own wallet without connecting to another platform.

2.What fees does HOMEMARS token charge

Total Tax is 9%. It Is split into:
Reflection in BNB: 5%
Liquidity: 2%
Marketing: 2%

3.What is marketing wallet
The marketing wallet is a wallet, where the funds taxed by marketing tax will arrive. They will be used to push the marketing of the project and manually buyback HOMEMARS Token from the market.

4.How to buy HOMEMARS token
1. Transfer your BNB (SmartChain) from exchange to your wallet (Trust Wallet is just better). (BEP20 – Smart Chain)
2. Open Pancakeswap (at DAPPS from Trust Wallet or from Browser in Metamask)
3. Connect your wallet.
4. Change the slippage. Try 10% first, if still not succeed, increase it up until 12.
For express transaction, just use 14% directly.
6. Swap from BNB to HARS
7. Write HARS in round numbers like ” 150 000 000 “
8. Add token to your wallet. If can’t find, add custom token using this setting:
Contract Address : 0xD75418BDca65882921173e2C133c2Cc8E1f319f3
Name : EL Salvador
Symbol : HARS
Decimal : 5